Checking and Replacing Your Windows After Storm Damage

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Though windows are designed to be durable and weather resistant, there is always a chance they could be damaged in a summer or winter storm, which could endanger the interior of your home. Because of this, you should always inspect your windows after a storm. By doing this, you can ensure you are always on top of any repairs that need to be made to your windows.

Staying on top of your repairs saves you money when it comes to your energy bills, keeps your home at a comfortable temperature, and keeps the interior of your home safe from additional weather. Here, our certified contractors at C&T Siding are committed to helping you find solutions for your window needs. We will discuss the best ways to inspect your windows and the replacement options to consider if you need drastic repairs.

Spring and Summer Storm Inspection

When spring and summer storms hit, they typically bring heavy rains, strong winds, and even hail. While these events can damage your roof and siding, they can also damage your windows. Usually, to avoid putting yourself in danger, you should wait until the storm has blown over to go inspect your windows or go outdoors. You could easily be injured by strong winds, lightning strikes, or hail.

To check your windows for prevalent damage, you need to look and feel around the frame inside the house to see if there is any moisture coming in. Even if you don’t see or feel any water on the frame, you need to check for dark spots on the wood frame, as water can seep under the wood and cause more damage.

In addition to water leaking into your home from a strong spring or summer storm, the glass in your windows can also crack or break due to flying debris, hail, and the sheer force of the wind itself. After a storm has blown over, you should check your windows to see if there are small cracks or chips on the glass. A large crack or break will be obvious, but you should still be cautious when examining it to ensure you don’t cut yourself.

Winter Storm Inspection

In the winter months, strong blizzards or ice storms can significantly damage your property. Like spring and summer storms, you should always wait for the storm to pass before you investigate the damages to avoid injuries yourself.

When the temperature drops below zero, parts of your home, like the windows, can freeze and be easily damaged. Most windows are now designed to resist freezing and cracking in the cold, but there is always a risk. If there is a crack in your window or the frame, cold air can seep into your home, which makes your HVAC system work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. This ultimately costs you more money in the long run.

If your home has been damaged, or you suspect hidden damage, you should immediately call a professional home inspection and repair company, like C&T Siding. Our team will come to your home on a scheduled day to examine the damage and offer solutions that fit in your price range.

Window Replacements

At C&T Siding, we offer a variety of window options for your replacement needs. Each of our windows is proven to protect your home. Here are the window options we offer:

●        Fiberglass Windows

These windows offer superior durability and are proven to last for years. Additionally, they offer energy efficiency, are weatherproof, and typically outlast aluminum, fiberglass composites, and aluminum.

●        Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are the top pick for window options in Minnesota and Wisconsin. These windows are offered in a variety of styles, textures, and dimensions, and are affordable. Additionally, they are durable, need little to no maintenance, and are energy efficient.

●        Wood Windows

Wood windows are proven to be durable and withstand most weather conditions. Additionally, they offer great insulation and will improve your energy costs. Wood windows can also be customized in a variety of ways, and they match almost every window treatment.

When you choose fiberglass, wood, or vinyl windows our team of professional contractors will come to your home and custom install them to ensure you get the look you want. Our team also doesn’t leave you to deal with the aftermath of any project. As part of our elite customer service, we will provide final touches, clean up the mess we made, and ensure you are completely satisfied with the job.

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