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Storm Damage – Before and After

Severe weather can be both unpredictable and devastating. Modern forecasting technology can certainly provide adequate information to keep us informed and help us make decisions that would keep us out of harm’s way. But when it comes to your property, you can’t very well move your house out of the way of an oncoming storm! What you can do is take steps that would put the odds in your favor.

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How to Prepare Your Home for Storm Season

As one of the largest investments you'll ever make, it's important to protect your home at all times. Taking a few minutes to makes some storm preparations before bad weather arrives can make all the difference between getting through the season unscathed and having to do a great deal of cleanup afterward. Here's how to prepare your home for storm season. 

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Spring Cleaning and Summer Weather

Spring cleaning is more than just straightening up a house, dusting, and vacuuming those are things you do throughout the year to keep a nice home. Spring cleaning infers a more thorough cleaning and sanitation, washing windows and pressure washing the exterior of your house. Although part of the reason is to assure the house looks its best, it's also a chance to fully inspect the home for any damage which may have occurred over the winter. A exceptionally harsh storm can potentially damage even new siding which was properly installed and the damage needs to be repaired promptly before it allows for more problems to arise.

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Is Your House Guest-Worthy?

People who entertain often understand there is more to keeping their home guest-worthy than straightening up the house and cleaning to make sure the house looks and smells great. It's also important to make sure repairs have been made which guarantee a guest's comfort. Whether you have friends over for an evening dinner party, host a friend for a night while they a traveling and happen through your town, or whether family members need to stay for a longer period of time you'll want to have the house in top shape. You may be okay with nuances such as a door which won't remain open or closed, or squeaks constantly, but guests don't usually appreciate what is essentially damage in the home.

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Maintaining Your Home During Winter Weather

You already know the winter weather puts a different type of strain on your house than the summer hail and thunderstorms cause, but you may not realize the extent of different approaches toward preparing your home and maintaining it during the winter freeze. The single most important aspect of properly maintaining your home during winter weather is awareness, that is to say, to make visual inspections of the exterior after a storm and to pay attention for any drafts around windows and doors or cold spots in the house.

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Delaying Storm Damage Repair Could Make Matters Worse

There are many types of structural damage your home can endure due to storms. From damage sustained by lightning to flooding to wind damage, your home is a sitting duck when it comes to storm damage. All too often, homeowners believe that they can delay getting their storm damage repaired because they have time. Unfortunately, delaying storm damage repair can make matters worse.

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