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What are the Benefits of Seamless Steel?

Because it’s steel, the siding can be installed at any time of year. Additionally, it’s temperature and weather-resistant during all months. Seamless steel won’t crack during the cold months, and it’ll outperform vinyl siding during hotter stretches.

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Use Patio Doors to Make Your Summer Better

Summer means more time spent outdoors. Having patio doors installed increases your enjoyment of both as they seamlessly blur the lines between the interior and exterior of your home. Here's how patio doors can make your summer more spectacular.

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Should Slate Roofing Be Your Next Roofing?

Slate shingles are hand-shaped, meeting a slew of size requirements based on size and thickness. Regardless of a slate shingle’s age, it will maintain a distinct appearance over the years.

Structural Pros

Slate shingles are also one of the longest-lasting shingle choices. Easily lasting over 100 years, slate roofing is twice as long-lasting as other leading materials. It’s made of natural stone, and it’s more durable than any man-made material. Because of its high density, slate roofing is incredibly waterproof. It’s similarly resistant to temperature fluctuations and harsh weather conditions.

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Metal Roofing: What You Need to Know

Metal roofing has been around for over a century. It was first used to cover barns and tiny homes. Metal roofing was also utilized to protect commercial properties and larger industrial buildings. Over the last two decades, however, metal roofing has become popular with homeowners in Wisconsin and Minnesota. It is a smart long-term alternative to traditional wood roofs or asphalt shingles.

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Five Ways Your Window Contractors Can Help

No matter the size of your home, you have windows, and your windows should be taken care of. From window replacements to inspections, a quality contractor is your key to a safe, comfortable home. Before contacting a professional provider, however, you should consider the many services a contractor can provide.

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3 Reasons Why Summer is a Great Time to Get Vinyl Windows

Many homeowners -- perhaps yourself included -- don't give much thought to your windows on a day-to-day basis. After all, as long as they do their job, then why worry about them? It can be difficult to determine if your windows are performing as you expect them to without inspecting them on a regular basis. Chances are, if your windows are more than a few years old, you will see real benefits should you decide to replace them this summer. Here's how:

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