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Spring Cleaning and Summer Weather

Spring cleaning is more than just straightening up a house, dusting, and vacuuming those are things you do throughout the year to keep a nice home. Spring cleaning infers a more thorough cleaning and sanitation, washing windows and pressure washing the exterior of your house. Although part of the reason is to assure the house looks its best, it's also a chance to fully inspect the home for any damage which may have occurred over the winter. A exceptionally harsh storm can potentially damage even new siding which was properly installed and the damage needs to be repaired promptly before it allows for more problems to arise.

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Grilling with Mosquitoes and Moths: Screened Patios

Grilling outdoors can be a great way to prepare food for guests or as a fun family event based around having dinner together. Unfortunately, weather can ruin a potential cookout or even worse, at certain times of the year in particular locations bugs attracted to the food can be much more than a simple nuisance.

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Eco-Friendly New Roof: Stone Coated Steel

Although traditional asphalt shingles are still the basic paradigm of roofing systems in America, other types of roofs are available and rapidly becoming more popular for both new houses or when an older house needs a replacement roof installed. There is good reason for the shift as technology allows for roofing systems such as stone coated steel which are more environmentally friendly and more durable which reduces the expense of the roof in the long term when compared to traditional roofs. Further, metal roofs don't have to look like what you expect to see on an old barn or utility building but can be quite beautiful and simulate the look of any other type of roof.

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Is Your House Guest-Worthy?

People who entertain often understand there is more to keeping their home guest-worthy than straightening up the house and cleaning to make sure the house looks and smells great. It's also important to make sure repairs have been made which guarantee a guest's comfort. Whether you have friends over for an evening dinner party, host a friend for a night while they a traveling and happen through your town, or whether family members need to stay for a longer period of time you'll want to have the house in top shape. You may be okay with nuances such as a door which won't remain open or closed, or squeaks constantly, but guests don't usually appreciate what is essentially damage in the home.

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Choosing a Contractor: Project Design

Although you may not realize it, even the smallest repair job around your house requires a brief or informal design process in order to determine the best approach. A more formal design becomes essential with larger renovation projects, full remodeling jobs or building additions to the house. The design process is usually formalized by the contractor, but it begins when you first realize the need for the work to be done and start considering what you hope to achieve when it is finished.

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Deck or Porch: Pros and Cons of Each

While it can seem like finding the differences between a deck and a porch might be minute, the fact is that they deserve careful consideration. Indeed, knowing the pros and cons of each can help you decide which one is better suited to your lifestyle as well as your expectations. These are further explored below. 

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