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Preparing for Spring: More than Cleaning

For some people, spring cleaning is a chore, it's just what has to be done annually to keep a home in tip-top shape according to the expectations of friends and family. For other people, spring cleaning is a fun way to prepare their home for the upcoming summer weather and fun activities it entails. Whatever it means to you, spring cleaning can be more than simply sanitizing your home but can also be an opportunity to contract improvements and upgrades to your house.

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3 Home Renovations That Increase the Value of Your Home

If you are like thousands of homeowners who are interested in selling their home this year, then increasing the value of your home will come in handy. When your home appreciates, you can sell it for more and make a profit.

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Vinyl Siding: The Earth Friendly Choice

When most homeowners choose vinyl siding to don the exterior of their homes, they are focused on the material's most popular benefits. These include its beauty, low maintenance and ability to increase your home's value. Did you also know that vinyl siding is an cladding material that is earth friendly?

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The Benefits of Installing a Bayer Built Exterior Door

A new exterior door is a perfect addition to your home. More specifically, a Bayer Built exterior door can enhance your curb appeal and help you keep your home nice and cozy during the severe Midwest winter months.

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What to Consider When Converting Your Deck to a Porch

Decks are great additions to your home. They provide one of the best places to grill and entertain family and friends. However, decks have limitations. For one, you can only enjoy your deck if the weather is permitting. If it rains, snows, or sleets, you are confined indoors. On the other hand, a porch can be used for the same purposes as a deck, and more.

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3 Maintenance Tips to Make Your Vinyl Siding Look Better for a Longer Period of Time

One of the biggest benefits that homeowners see in choosing vinyl siding as an exterior cladding material is its reputation as being maintenance free. Unlike wood cladding materials, vinyl doesn't need to be painted on a regular basis in order to remain looking good and to freshen it up. Since painting is a time consuming task if you undertake it yourself -- and it can be costly if you hire professional exterior painters -- this gives you the opportunity to spend more time doing what you love. 

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