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Family Party Decks

Decks come into their own during the warm summer months when the space they provide is similar to having an extra room on your house. On a daily basis, the deck provides a place to enjoy the fresh air during the day, a cool breeze in the evening, or a spot to relax in the morning before the heat of day becomes intense. Another great function of the deck is a place to hold your parties without having the associated mess to clean up in your home whether it’s a small family event or if you invaite all your friends.

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Top 4 Advantages of Building a Screened Porch

Additional living space is attractive for nearly all homeowners but carving out money in the budget to have one built could be a sticking point. Instead of adding a traditional room inside, consider having your contractor build a screened porch instead. Trendy and sure to pay for itself with all the use you get out of it, a screened porch offers a number of advantages that make it worth a place in your home improvement budget. 

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Is LP Siding Right for You?

Siding is one of the easiest ways you can spruce up the look of your home. Replacement siding is highly beneficial to homeowners who are interested in increasing the value of their home. However, there is more to siding than making your home beautiful. When you want to maximize the benefits you get from installing siding, consider investing in LP siding for your home.

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3 Myths About Fiberglass Windows

Recently, you’ve may have seen fiberglass windows jump into the limelight when it comes to great windows. If you visited your local home improvement store, then you may see an abundance of fiberglass windows lining the aisles these days. Fiberglass windows are another option for windows for your home. In fact, it resists environmental damage, it has less thermal conductivity that many other types of windows, and it offer more insulation than aluminum based on U-factor materials. Fiberglass windows are great, don’t let the myths about fiberglass windows affect your decision to purchase these replacement windows for your home.

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4 Signs Your Deck or Porch Needs Repair

Relaxing on your deck or porch is a favorite pastime for many homeowners such as yourself. Without spending a dime, you can take in nature and indulge in people watching. However, over time, your deck could become a safety hazard due to the beating it takes from the weather. From the extremely hot temperatures during the summer to the freezing cold temperatures in the winter, the weather can cause your deck or porch to deteriorate. To ensure you and your guests are safe, keep an eye out for these four warning signs that your deck may need repairs.

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4 Reasons You Should Replace Old Windows and Doors

As a homeowner, recognizing when you need repairs is essential to maintaining your home. Problems like expensive utility bills and moisture on your window aren't something you simply ignore. In fact, if you see something, such as any of the following problems, you may want to contact us at C & T Siding to determine if your doors or windows need replacing.

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