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Trends in Decks and Porches

Although decks and porches are popular in warmer months, they are a hit all year around. An increase in the popularity of decks and porches stems from homeowners who want to extend their living area to the outside. As the trend grows, so does the demand for more intriguing decks and porches. The following are a few trends within the industry that make decks and porches stand out.

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Seamless Steel Siding: The new go-to option for siding

Introduced in the 50s, vinyl siding has improved significantly over time. Year after year, manufacturers have worked to eliminate most of the problems that originally plagued vinyl siding, to the point that 32 percent of homeowners have chosen vinyl siding as their fascia of choice.

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How Metal Roofs Can Reduce the Impact of a House Fire

House fires in the United States have dropped nearly 22 percent since 2004. The reduction in the number of house fires can easily be attributed to some factors, including smoke detectors and better education on fire prevention. However, there is always the potential for a house fire. And, house fires can cost you your life. 

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Delaying Storm Damage Repair Could Make Matters Worse

There are many types of structural damage your home can endure due to storms. From damage sustained by lightning to flooding to wind damage, your home is a sitting duck when it comes to storm damage. All too often, homeowners believe that they can delay getting their storm damage repaired because they have time. Unfortunately, delaying storm damage repair can make matters worse.

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4 Ways You Need to Prepare for Storm Damage This Winter

Winter is the season that takes the hardest toll on a home. Whether you're talking about the interior or the exterior, by not preparing correctly, you could set yourself up for major inconvenience and an increase in the costs to run your home. 

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How an Investment in Replacement Windows Can Save Homeowners Money

Reign in your energy costs today by investing in replacement windows for your home.

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