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Choosing the Best Patio Doors for Your Home

Patio doors can add value to your home by opening up a dark interior and flooding it with beautiful natural light. Warm sunlight has a therapeutic effect on the human mind and body by helping to lighten your mood and providing a healthy dose of Vitamin D.

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Deck and Patio Options and Upgrades

Although you think of decks and patios as a nice bonus feature for a house which you may use in the summertime, they can be so much more. With proper deck and patio upgrades, you can have what is essentially an extra room or rooms added to your house. There are even ways to make a patio a usable space during the winter if you or your contractor are creative enough to use modern technology to your advantage and arrange your outdoor space to protect against the weather and be conducive to an outdoor lifestyle.

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Pet Friendly Patio Additions

Your pets should enjoy the patio, too. Sure, your four-legged friends might be well-acquainted to the house, but your backyard could do with one or two fur-friendly upgrades. A lot of homeowners have difficulty balancing the pet-loving lifestyle with patio inclusions, but a few patio redesign ideas are capable of balancing patio doors with your outdoor area’s main area. At C & T Siding, it’s our duty to dish out modern, exciting home addition ideas. Here’s our pet-friendly patio addition roundup:

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Spare the Space: Saving Money on Porch Enhancements

Let’s face it: A porch is a most social outdoor area. Few things welcome visitors like a well-maintained porch, and many homeowners install screen porches, custom decks, exterior doors and other amenities to maximize a homely feel. Understandably, porch additions aren’t cheap. Too many homeowners break their banks over extending ends, meeting requirements and giving their area a facelift. If you want to save money, increase perceived space and create a stylish, expansive porch, read the tips below:

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