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Adding Value to Your House with Home Improvements

Whether you're flipping a house, planning to live there short term and sell in the near future, or renovating to improve the home according to your personal preference, there are certain renovations which are proven to add value to the house. Value can be determined by the functionality and desirability of the work you have conducted. Personalized features don't tend to add as much value as replacing anything which is worn with new features.

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Choosing a Contractor: Project Design

Although you may not realize it, even the smallest repair job around your house requires a brief or informal design process in order to determine the best approach. A more formal design becomes essential with larger renovation projects, full remodeling jobs or building additions to the house. The design process is usually formalized by the contractor, but it begins when you first realize the need for the work to be done and start considering what you hope to achieve when it is finished.

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Preparing for Spring: More than Cleaning

For some people, spring cleaning is a chore, it's just what has to be done annually to keep a home in tip-top shape according to the expectations of friends and family. For other people, spring cleaning is a fun way to prepare their home for the upcoming summer weather and fun activities it entails. Whatever it means to you, spring cleaning can be more than simply sanitizing your home but can also be an opportunity to contract improvements and upgrades to your house.

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3 Home Renovations That Increase the Value of Your Home

If you are like thousands of homeowners who are interested in selling their home this year, then increasing the value of your home will come in handy. When your home appreciates, you can sell it for more and make a profit.

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Hiring a Contractor During the Winter Months

If you're like most people, you probably don't consider hiring a contractor during the winter unless there is a dire need for emergency repairs at your home. People have an idea the cold weather may prevent contractors from performing outdoor work, or may think of winter as being the off-season for construction. These are not true, contractors work throughout the year. A different aspect of not hiring a contractor is people wait until they're doing spring cleaning or begin spending time outside to realize aspects of the house which may need repair or renovation. Although that's a valid philosophy, it's not always the best reason to postpone meeting with a contractor.

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Does Your Home Need a New Exterior?

You don't live outside your house, you live in it. Therefore, you may not always realize how the exterior of your home appears to friends, neighbors, and guests. You may also not realize how important the exterior of your house is to the structural integrity of your home and the efficient functioning of the building. Even if such issues don't matter to you, the exterior of your house is crucial toward maintaining the value of the house.

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4 Reasons You Should Replace Old Windows and Doors

As a homeowner, recognizing when you need repairs is essential to maintaining your home. Problems like expensive utility bills and moisture on your window aren't something you simply ignore. In fact, if you see something, such as any of the following problems, you may want to contact us at C & T Siding to determine if your doors or windows need replacing.

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Protecting the Home Front: Door and Window Storm Damage Prevention

Windows and doors, while durable, are susceptible to high winds, rain and even flying debris. To keep harsh weather at bay, you should take care in securing your seamless seals, fiberglass windows, exterior doors and screen doors. Sometimes, a storm arrives without warning. You needn’t face a hurricane to experience household damages, and your doors and windows needn’t be left to high winds.

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5 Reasons WaterBarrier Technology Is Essential for Wood Doors

If you are planning to undertake a big project involving exterior remodeling in Woodbury, MN, then we highly suggest considering installing a solid wood door. This is becoming a huge trend in the exterior design world, and we feel that it works really well in our area. A wood door sends a message of strength and grace, and it incorporates all the beauty of nature

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Why We Love What We Do

When our clients ask us some of the reasons that we got into exterior remodeling in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas, the conversation never runs dry. Remodeling homes and businesses requires a combination of skills and knowledge that makes it an exciting field to be in. The work is never dull and seeing clients satisfied always makes us feel good

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