Planning a remodel of your home’s exterior is exciting, but also confusing. With so many beautiful options to choose from it’s tough to make a well-informed decision.


How About Choosing Siding?


When considering options for an exterior home remodel, consider replacing your old siding. If you choose carefully, your new home siding can provide a gorgeous pop of color and bold texture for the exterior of your home. Adding new replacement windows and doors can further enhance your home’s curb appeal, as well as patio doors leading to a deck.


Consider Your Surroundings


Do you live in a neighborhood of similar-looking houses? If so, you may want to choose home siding in colors that complement the other houses and not clash visually. You want to create a harmonious blend for the best result. If you live in a historical community, you may also face restrictions on the type of siding you can choose for your home. Always check with any local historical organization beforehand for the rules you must follow.    


Keeping Within Your Budget


Working with a budget may limit your choice of siding, but it doesn’t have to stifle your creativity. One option is to choose textured vinyl siding that resembles real wood. Replacement windows and doors or adding new patio doors can also add a lot of visual interest to the exterior of a home and at an affordable price.


Fiber cement siding is another excellent option for the modern home in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Sturdy and durable, fiber cement looks beautiful and can withstand the harsh winters of a northern climate. This type of siding is very low maintenance.



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