Many homeowners favor fiber cement siding due to its incredible durability. If you’re tired of maintaining aging wood siding, love the look of grain or have other structural needs, you can still get the best of both worlds. Fiber cement siding requires little maintenance, and it can be the switch you need in a pinch. Fiber cement siding isn’t perfect for every home, but it’s certainly worth the investment in the following scenarios.


You Deal with Corrosion Problems

Fiber cement siding is corrosion-resistant, and it’s as viable as stainless steel in terms of long-term durability. A lot of fiber cement siding installations leave a one-eighth-inch gap between siding and window, too, giving windows an opening to expand when the temperature rises. Fortunately, these gaps don’t harbor mold and mildew when they’re wider.


You Want to Add Depth

Fiber cement siding is installed in a ship-lap style, so it’s a great option for adding depth and texture to your home’s walls. Because fiber cement is much more durable than wood, it’s an excellent alternative for homeowners who want to spruce up their home’s exterior without worrying about damp, ground-level installations.


You Need a Low-Maintenance Solution

No siding option lasts forever. Fiber cement siding, however, utilizes compound materials to protect a home’s exterior. It’s one of the most durable siding options around, and its compound mix requires little maintenance to upkeep. Fiber cement can also last a long time before it needs to be repainted. Of course, you should still get an exterior paint job if your siding starts to fade in color.


You Need Better Insulation

When fiber cement siding is installed, a home’s interior wall can be leveled—creating room for more insulation. Fiber cement alone, however, is incredibly insulative. If you’re using fiber cement siding, expect your energy bill to drop. It can be installed over sheathing, OSB or plywood. Assuming the surface is dry when the fiber cement siding is installed, it’ll be protected over many years.


Overall, fiber cement is an excellent siding material. If you have any questions, contact C&T Siding today. Our technicians are experts at siding installation, and we’ll outfit your home before applying any siding. Remember: Every home is different. Before deciding on either seamless steel, fiber cement or wooden siding, you should determine which option is best for your household. Then, talk to your siding contractor if you have any questions. At C&T Siding, your household comes first.