There are a number of ways to save money, as related to your home, and cutting the cost of heating and air conditioning is probably the most common. While it may get sweltering hot during the summer months, being judicious with the use of your AC just makes sense, right? You don’t really need to refrigerate your home to the level of a walk-in cooler, as nice as that may sound when it’s 100 degrees outside. Similarly, when it’s a brisk ten below zero outside, you may want it to feel like you’re sitting right next to the fireplace all throughout the house, but having it warm enough to not be shivering probably makes more financial sense.


But there are other, less overt ways to cut down on HVAC expenses without setting your thermostat to the bare minimums required to at least be comfortable.


Enter Vinyl Windows! 

Vinyl windows are renowned for high R-values, which are values determining heat flow resistance. With high R-value windows, your HVAC will operate in a more efficient manner, and not have to work as hard to cool or warm the interior space. When installed in conjunction with other windows and doors, the overall monetary savings over time will likely be quite noticeable. Vinyl windows are also easy to install, easy to maintain, and can be customized to complement the appearance and décor of your home.


Vinyl Windows Meet Modern Technology

Good quality windows themselves can make a fair deal of difference in a home’s energy efficiency. But once you add today’s innovative features such as double-strength Low-E 366 insulated glass, you increase UV protection, maximize temperature regulation and create an energy efficient “system” in your home. It becomes “greater than the sum of it’s parts”.


Maximizing Installation Value

Many homes lose energy by means of old or poor quality windows and doors. But installation also plays an integral role in this equation. You can have the finest, most advanced windows on the market, but if the installation is sub-par, you will lose the benefits that would otherwise be enjoyed. C&T Siding provides the expertise and experience necessary to maximize your household’s energy efficiency and beauty.  Whether you are upgrading, renovating or installing windows in your new construction home – we are the clear choice for making sure you get the best value for your money – now and in years of savings downstream.