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People who entertain often understand there is more to keeping their home guest-worthy than straightening up the house and cleaning to make sure the house looks and smells great. It’s also important to make sure repairs have been made which guarantee a guest’s comfort. Whether you have friends over for an evening dinner party, host a friend for a night while they a traveling and happen through your town, or whether family members need to stay for a longer period of time you’ll want to have the house in top shape. You may be okay with nuances such as a door which won’t remain open or closed, or squeaks constantly, but guests don’t usually appreciate what is essentially damage in the home.

Doors and Entries

The entryway is the first thing guests notice upon entering the house and as such it should work smoothly and close securely. Beyond just working properly the door can look nice and show a touch of your personal style. Whether you prefer the feel of a rugged cabin or majestic palace in your house, the front door sets the tone before guests even walk in. Further, it shows you’ve taken the time to think about how you want your house to look.

Decks and Entertaining

When the weather allows, decks can be a great place to entertain. They feel spacious and allow access to outdoor games and grilling. Decks are easier to clean up than your kitchen and living room after your guests go home, especially if a drink or food was spilled. If you and your friends have children, the deck allows you to keep an eye on the kids in the yard while the adults have a chance to socialize among themselves while preparing snacks for both age groups.

Repairing Winter Damage for Spring

It is important to repair winter damage under any circumstances, but when you plan to invite friends and family over it takes on the added importance of making your home look welcoming and cared for. Guests will notice missing shingles and damaged siding. People simply enjoy visiting a nice house more than one that appears to be out of repair. Keeping up with routine maintenance and making repairs as they are needed assures your friends will want to visit and comment on how well you keep your home.