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Well, isn’t that a question for the ages! As a homeowner in need of window replacement, your new frames will arguably be one of the biggest influences on the aesthetic of the final product. While many window panes look quite similar from a visual perspective—they’re all made of glass, after all—frames, on the other hand, come in countless materials, colors, and functionalities. How on earth are you, as an industry layperson, to decide between them all? Should you go with the lovely, classical look of replacement wood windows, or would the understated simplicity of replacement vinyl windows be a better fit for your home? Sometimes, all the possibilities can feel so overwhelming that you might be half-tempted to give up on the project altogether.

At C&T Siding, we’re here to tell you not to give up hope. Our expert team of window installers is here to help you every step of the way, no matter where you are in the window installation process. We make it a point to sit down with you before we even take measurements and listen to your visions and concerns about this project. Only then, when we’ve developed a deeper understanding of your window needs from multiple angles, can we offer possible replacement window solutions. We’re not out to pressure you into a sale, though, and you can relax knowing that we’re here for you, not for your pocketbook.

All that being said, it never hurts to keep looking into possible replacement window frame types before giving us a call. If you’re stressed and uncertain about it like we alluded to in the opening paragraph, we’re here to help with that, too. Below, we’ll give you a crash course of sorts in all the window frame types we offer, from fiberglass windows to wood to vinyl. We’ll talk a bit about their strengths, how they look, what styles of home they might fit, and overall, who we’d recommend each window frame type to.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

The Right Window Frame Is A Personal Choice

So, what replacement window frame is right for you? That depends on a variety of factors. How much time can you spend on upkeep? What does your budget look like? Have you historically had problems with moisture or mold in your home? Are you looking for a more classical or contemporary aesthetic? As you’ve likely found out, there are heaps of questions that need answering before the right window frame choice makes itself evident. If you’re still stuck in this boat after reading this blog post, give C&T Siding a call. We’d be happy to talk things through with you.

The replacement window frames available from us are as follows:

●        Fiberglass windows | When people ask us what the “best” replacement window type is, fiberglass is usually our answer. A natural insulator, fiberglass windows from C&T Siding are tough on wind and water, and they come in countless styles that work well with almost any home type. Fiberglass windows are also strong. They resist everything from peeling to chipping and don’t require much in terms of maintenance to stay that way. They’re a worthwhile investment, hands down, and they are perfect for the homeowner who plans to stay in their current place of residence in the upcoming years. You’ll want to make the most of this wonderful window frame type.

●        Wood windows | If you’re looking for a truly timeless, luxurious aesthetic in your window frame, wood windows are the way to go. Its warm, natural appearance is bound to be a hit in any home. Wood windows aren’t just good looking, though! They are well-suited for our capricious Midwestern climate, as they can expand and contract as temperatures change, while simultaneously resisting breakage, only when they’re properly maintained, of course. Wood’s lavish looks and design flexibility make it suitable for the homeowner who wants to make a statement with their window frames.

●        Vinyl windows | Vinyl windows are one of the most economical window choices out there, but that doesn’t mean they won’t serve you well! Available in a variety of styles and colors, vinyl windows render themselves a solid aesthetic fit for nearly any household. Just like fiberglass, these window frame types are low-maintenance and scratch-resistant, and they are a great fit for homeowners on a budget who don’t want to compromise on quality.

Still Stuck On What Frame Is Right For You? C&T Siding Is Here To Help

With service areas in both Minnesota and Wisconsin, C&T Siding strives to be your one-stop-shop for all your window and siding needs. Give our Woodbury office a call now at 651-483-6146, or reach our Roberts location at 715-749-3162. Otherwise, we’d be happy to get ahold of you online, via our contact page. We look forward to serving you.