Advantages of Employees vs. Subcontractors

When choosing a contractor for your exterior remodeling needs, it is important to consider whether a company uses employees or subcontractors. But which is better? Does one have an advantage over the other?

Key Advantages of Employees vs Subcontractors

Convenient Scheduling

A potential risk when using subcontractors vs. employees is a pause in construction. Since subcontractors set their own schedules, they may choose to take time off in the middle of production. This can result in open-ended, unreliable project completion dates.

On the other hand, employees have defined work schedules that are consistently established by the company; which help to prevent any pause in labor.

If an employee has an emergency or is out ill, the company has a process in place to guarantee production continues; this assures a more accurate timeframe for job completion.

Liability Protection

A significant benefit of a company who hires employees versus subcontractors is liability protection. If subcontractors are injured on the job, liability could fall on the homeowner through a personal injury lawsuit.

As a result, the homeowner may be legally obligated to pay the subcontractor’s medical expenses and lost wages. It is in the homeowners best interest to request a copy of the subcontractor’s workers compensation coverage to assure they are protected from liability.

With employees, homeowners are released from the burden of liability, as workers compensation coverage is carried through the employer. If an injury occurs, the legal and financial responsibility will not fall on the homeowner, unless extenuating circumstances apply.

Quality Control

Your home is your safe haven, and it’s fair to expect your home improvement project to be completed accurately by trustworthy and honest people. When companies use employees, homeowners can rest assured their home is in good hands.

Know Who’s Working on Your Home

Employees are vetted by their employers and are a direct reflection of the company. In addition to pre-employment screening, companies have policies in place to ensure a safe and appropriate work environment, free of drugs, alcohol and other hazards.

Subcontractors, however, may not have gone through the same precautionary screenings. Which means, there is far less accountability for their work and behavior on-site. 

Consider asking what background investigation has been completed on anyone working on your home; as well as, what policies are in place to assure you exterior remodeling is completed by credible and ethical individuals.

Guaranteed Workmanship

In-house employees receive ongoing training in both technical skills and the company’s high standards for quality work. Subcontractors, who are self-employed, represent their own values and are responsible for their own training and education.  They may not invest in ongoing learning, and with an ever-changing industry you want to be sure individuals working on your home have modern-day knowledge.

As stakeholders in the company, employees understand their performance directly impacts future raises, promotions and opportunities. As a result, employees are motivated to go above and beyond the call of duty.

For the above reasons and more, an employee-based company is a safer option for your home project.  In the end, assure your home is protected.  Ask the right questions, to guarantee you choose the right contractor who has you and your home’s best interest in mind.

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