Maplewood, MN Siding Contractor

C&T Siding knows precisely what you are looking for out of home installation. We specialize in window, door, and siding installations. We can offer you quality products and expert consultation to ensure your home improvement project brings you favorable results for years to come.

If you are in the Maplewood, MN area and you would like to learn more about what C&T Siding has to offer you, call us at 651.483.6146. We can answer any questions you may have about our home installation services. C&T Siding is a company you can trust with your home improvement ambitions.

Services We Provide

C&T Siding can help make daunting home installation projects a lot easier from the start. We have over 30 years of knowledge to apply to your home. We can guarantee that our company will meet or exceed your expectations for your installation.

Our service is entirely comprehensive, and we can offer all of the following to make your installation much simpler:

Expert Guidance

C&T Siding has over thirty years of home installation experience. By having a qualified contracting expert overseeing your window, door, or siding installation, you take the burden off your shoulders. Also, C&T Siding does its best to ensure all of your ideas and visions for your home are incorporated into the final product. Why take on so much extra work and stress when one of our contractors can guarantee satisfaction and success?

Translating Your Vision

Know what you want out of your installation but not how to achieve it? Our contractors at C&T Siding do. We have the technology to help implement your ideas into the final product. We can show you what your home will look like before the installation begins. By choosing C&T Siding for your installation, you can have peace of mind knowing that you will get precisely what you want.


Beyond helping you realize your vision, we will do the heavy lifting to make sure it is installed correctly. Our team will complete the project from start to finish and clean up afterward. Also, we offer a warranty to reinforce our work. Let our team handle the hard part, and you enjoy the results.

Products From Brands You Trust

At C&T Siding, we know the importance of quality home products. We only use brands that we know provide optimal results. We believe you deserve a home installation with the best products on the market.

Here are some of the reputable brands use:

  • EMCO Preserve Steel and Siding
  • Infinity from Marvin Replacement Windows
  • Lindsay Windows and Doors, LLC
  • Bayer Built Woodworks

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the brands we use. We believe that these brands generate 100% customer satisfaction every time. We are committed to the effectiveness of our product. We are proud to use only the finest doors, windows, and siding for our customers.

C&T Siding Advantage Guarantee

At C&T Siding, we do quality work. We offer the Advantage Guarantee to show our customers that we stand behind the work we do and the products we use.

The work that we do is warrantied by the Advantage Building System of WI, Inc. We are wholly committed to our customer's satisfaction. Our warranty ensures that the work we do will be precise and exactly to your specifications. We create work that has satisfying results for years to come.

Learn More About Us

We offer professional window, door, and siding installation in Maplewood, Minnesota area. We can improve the look and efficiency of your home. If you are curious about our products or services, call us today at 651.483.6146