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Gerard Metal Roofing Stone Coated

Our proprietary formulas for Gerard Stone coated steel metal tile roofing panels are built to stand the test of time. Since developing our durable roof tiles over 30 years ago, production processes and equipment has evolved, but we have never strayed from using only the highest quality raw materials and proprietary formulated coatings.

26-Gauge Base Steel

Gerard panels are made from the best quality structural grade steel. They are rigid enough to tolerate reasonable loads while allowing profile designs without the risks of cracking or significant elastic recovery. They are composed of 30% recycled steel.

Hot Dipped Zinc-Aluminum Alloy Galvanized Coating

The first barrier of protection on our rigid steel panels is achieved when the steel passes through a bath of molten aluminum-zinc alloy. This coating combines the protection and strength of both aluminum and zinc. Developers of our particular aluminum-zinc alloy coatings have captured exposure data indicating corrosion protection of the underlying steel exceeds 50 years in most environments.

Acrylic Priming System

An acrylic coating is applied to both sides of the panel immediately after the application of the aluminum-zinc coatings to further enhance the longevity of the galvalume coating and underlying steel, and provides a uniform substrate that enhances the adhesion of the additional coatings.

Base Coat

The base coat is a petroleum based, highly UV resistant proprietary acrylic resin binder. This specially formulated coating is proprietary to Gerard. A choice of quality ceramic colored chips are bonded directly to the base coat. The base coat serves two functions – to bond the stone granules, and offer even further protection from both water and light to the underlying acrylic and galvalume coated steel.

Ceramic-Coated Stone Granules

A protective coating, as well as an attractive appearance, is provided by stone granules. They further enhance the resistance to UV light while providing an array of colors. These ceramic coated granules are sized and applied in such a way to insure maximum coverage of the base coat; therefore, allowing another layer of protection against weather erosion.


An acrylic over glaze with UV inhibitors is applied as a final coating that gives the granules a semi-gloss appearance. This extremely durable acrylic finish bonds to the granules and encapsulates them with a coating that enhances the panel’s resistance to physical damage.

Features for Environmental Responsibility
  • Our steel panels are composed of 30% recycled steel
  • You can reclaim all of the water from your roof
  • We use 100% recyclable materials
  • Under 2% of our manufacturing waste goes to landfills
  • All of our steel comes from suppliers with onsite recycling
  • We purchase packaging from vendors who promote recycling
  • Our facilities recycle all pallets and paper
  • Achieves higher energy efficiencies than any other roof type
  • Meets LEED certification
  • We offer 3 certified Energy Star colors

This Limited Warranty extends only to a purchaser of Gerard stone-coated steel panels (“Gerard Product”) who has been issued a Limited Warranty Certificate and paid for the Gerard Product in full (the “Purchaser”), and to subsequent owners of the property to which the Gerard Product is originally affixed after purchase (the “Property”). Subject to the terms, conditions and limitations herein, Gerard hereby warrants that for the lifetime of Purchaser during Purchaser’s ownership of the Property or, if the Property is transferred by Purchaser, for fifty (50) years from the date of installation of the Gerard Products, the Gerard Products will be free from manufacturing defects in workmanship and materials such that:

Each Gerard Product (meaning each individual Gerard panel) will withstand winds of up to 120 miles per hour;

Steel substrate on Gerard Products will not burn, and will not be penetrated by hailstones less than two and one-half inches (2.5”) in diameter such that the Gerard Products are no longer weatherproof; and

The appearance of the surface coating of Gerard Products will not materially deteriorate beyond normal weathering and aging, including minor granule loss over the extended life of the warranty.

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