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LP Siding

LP SmartSide  Siding

Wood Siding

Do you love the look of traditional wood siding? Maybe you want the look of cedar shakes without all the hassles that come along with them? If you have wood siding then you know all of the problems that come along with wood siding. Mother Nature is one of the biggest problems. Pesky things like mold, termites and other pests have their way with the siding and trim on your home and pretty soon you need to replace rotten boards, get aggressive with silicon and paint. Did we mention paint? Most people we meet do not enjoy painting their homes every 5 years but with traditional wood siding painting becomes a priority to maintain the look and integrity of your siding.


What are the benefits of engineered wood siding?

At C & T siding we are LP SmartSide trim and siding installers. LP SmartSide has mastered the engineered wood siding and is one of the most popular siding products on the planet. Many of the challenges wood has with the elements are vastly improved with the LP SmartSide siding and trim. LP uses a process that takes traditional wood, breaks it down and then re-manufactures it to hold up better to the elements than traditional wood. (See production process here) It even looks better with all of the profiles to choose from!

  • Real wood look without the knots!
  • Holds up against the elements.
  • Various profiles to choose from
  • Anti-Fungal/Mold Resistant
  • Sustainable/Green


Want LP SmartSide Installed? Getting Started is easy!
  • 1) Call us 888-297-8825 or fill out our estimate form to schedule a discovery meeting
  • 2) After our discovery meeting we take your input and our expertise to create a quote for your project.
  • 3) Once the quote is accepted we work out details like color options to create a unique look for your home.
  • 4) Execution - Our siding installation experts complete the project.
  • 5) Walk through and clean up - Our goal is to make you happy and make it look like we were never there. 
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