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Energy Star

Home Improvement Services Offered By C&T Siding

C&T Siding is a reputable company that offers quality home improvement products to its clients in Eastern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. C&T Siding was first established in 1978 and now ranks top in offering services such as storm damage, windows and doors, deck, roofing, porches, and siding among others. We closely work with a well-trained and experienced team of experts in meeting the required quality of services. Our primary goal is to serve our clients with honesty, affordability, and reliability.

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Vinyl vs. Fiberglass Windows From C&T Siding

As the weather cools down, we move inside. It’s time to check the house to make sure it’s as weatherproof as possible before heading into a cold northern winter. If your windows aren’t what they used to be, C&T Siding can help you review some great new options!

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How Can Windows Save You Money?

There are a number of ways to save money, as related to your home, and cutting the cost of heating and air conditioning is probably the most common. While it may get sweltering hot during the summer months, being judicious with the use of your AC just makes sense, right? You don’t really need to refrigerate your home to the level of a walk-in cooler, as nice as that may sound when it’s 100 degrees outside. Similarly, when it’s a brisk ten below zero outside, you may want it to feel like you’re sitting right next to the fireplace all throughout the house, but having it warm enough to not be shivering probably makes more financial sense.

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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Siding

You may not know this, but 30 percent of homeowners nationwide choose siding to protect their home exterior. It is hands down the most durable and energy-efficient product on the market today. There may be some other valuable details about siding that you are unaware of. Below, we share a few siding facts that will solidify just how amazing this home product is.

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How Much Money are You Losing with Your Old Windows?

The bad news first: your home is losing up to 30% of heating and cooling energy through the windows. What this actually means is that air from the HVAC system is either getting sucked out of the house, or drafts are entering the house affecting the temperature inside. Either way, your heating and cooling unit has to work twice as hard to deliver the desired results. So if you find yourself jacking up the heating or turning down the AC to cool the interior, you’re just throwing money out the window – literally.

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4 Criteria for Choosing the Right Windows

Windows are a crucial element in the design of any home. Today’s windows offer a wide array of options and features that allow homeowners to build or renovate their home to their exact specifications. Before choosing just any window, however, you need to educate yourself in order to make an informed decision. Below are four essential criteria for you to consider.

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5 Ways to Tell If You Need Replacement Windows

There comes a time when all the window repairs and cleaning just won't work anymore. The only option is to replace your windows. The question is when? What are the symptoms of a worn out window and how do you know when it's time to replace it? Below are some tell-tale signs. Are your window experiencing any of these symptoms?

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Top 4 Ways Vinyl windows can Save you Money this Winter

Have you been wrapping your windows in unsightly plastic during winters past in an effort to make your home more energy efficient? While doing so is an effective temporary solution when dealing with older windows, at some point you'll want to make the fix more permanent. 

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How an Investment in Replacement Windows Can Save Homeowners Money

Reign in your energy costs today by investing in replacement windows for your home.

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Sparing the Power Bill: Why You Should Install Vinyl Windows

Often, insulation doesn’t come cheap. Fortunately, vinyl window installation can cut the costs while sparing the power bill. At C&T Siding, vinyl windows are held to top-dog industry standards. Crafted with architectural-level design, and installed with the utmost accuracy, every implementation promises power efficiency.

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