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What Home Improvements Can Help Me Sell My House?

You should first consider fixing anything in your home that is broken. Do you have a leaky roof or does your house need repainting? 

Searching for Hidden Roof Leaks

Does your roof have a leak? Use these tips to locate hidden wet spots, strained ceiling areas and deep moisture issues. 

Five Inspiring Front Porch Ideas

Your home's front porch says a lot about it. To present your household's best side, take a gander at these five cozy front porch additions. 

Can My Deck Be Damaged By Rainwater?

Your deck might've been made for the outdoors, but is it safe from moisture? Find out the hidden dangers created by rain, morning dew and daily activities. 

Can I Prevent Termite Damage to My Siding?

Choosing the right kind of siding can prevent termite damage to your home and save a lot of money in costly repairs. 

How an Investment in Replacement Windows Can Save Homeowners Money

Reign in your energy costs today by investing in replacement windows for your home.

4 Reasons Metal Roofing Is Awesome

To ensure your home is protected for years, you should consider installing a metal roof.

Should You Choose Siding for Your Home?

If you’ve lived in your home for years, then you should consider installing vinyl siding to improve your curb appeal.

Fiberglass Windows Vs. Vinyl Windows, Is There a Clear Choice?

Both fiberglass and vinyl windows are made of composite materials.

4 Ways to Secure Your Windows and Doors

Our team at C & T Siding has discovered ways you can improve your home’s security by securing your windows and doors.

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